Choker - Transformer Long Line Black Pearl Cross

Choker - Transformer Long Line Black Pearl Cross

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Wet steps. Fast steps behind. Rough stone railings. Smooth cool pearls on the skin. Straight back. Seen and Not Seen. Castello, 5263. Voices. Promise.

CASTELLO collection.


Choker 8 mm and pendant with natural black pearl in the cross-shape and 0,8 sm satin shell pearls. Can be worn without pendant. Pendant can be worn as a bracelet.

  • Materials

    Cultivated Black Natural Pearl Cross Shape.


    Shell Pearls are high quality imitation pearls from natural oyster shells. Perfect shape, heavy, stylish. Silk shine with a cold pearl shade or a mirror shine with a warm one. The signature product of Chanel. Details 14 K Goldfilled Rose Gold. Hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free.

    Store separately from other jewelry and hard objects. Avoid direct contact with perfume.

    Clean with soapy water and a soft cloth.

  • Type of Jewelry

    Choker-Rope - a double set of choker and rope (vertical pendant) waist and below length. It is worn on the skin, going into the neckline / under the clothes. All Me & MyAngel chokers and ropes are transformers. They can be swapped, worn together or separately. The decoration will always look new and show uniqueness. All chokers are adjustable in length due to a special clasp.

    Elongate the silhouette complementary.