French Sautoir Charisme

French Sautoir Charisme

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Tall mirrors. Flowing light. Epoca. 05:56. Pose. Flare. Shot. Flare. Pose. Glitter of glasses. Black agate shine. Melting in pleasure.

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Sophisticated Black Agate Sautoir No 6. 146 sm length. 6 mm diameter ending with two 12 mm stones and small 14K Rose Gold Filled rings. Easily transforms into high collar or two-string opera length pendant.

  • Materials

    High quality natural black agate. Oily texture. Mirror shine. Stone of amulets of ancient cultures. The most powerful amulet. Expressive, heavy, warm. Details 14 K Goldfilled Rose Gold. Hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free.

    Store in a dark place. Avoid direct contact with perfume.

    Clean regularly with soapy water and a soft cloth.

  • Type of Jewelry

    Sautoir is a long piece of thread below the waist that has become iconic thanks to Chanel. All sautuars of Me & MyAngel are transformers. The free ends are fixed with a lockable pendant supplied with the sautoir.


    Option 1: wear as a collar in several rows around the neck. Emphasizes the beauty of the neck, makes the posture royal.


    Option 2: Wear as a two-tiered / three-tiered choker. A classic, bold, Chanel-inspired look.