Sautoir No 10 Сhampagne Rosé

Sautoir No 10 Сhampagne Rosé

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Light breeze. The first rays of the day. Dawn play on pink edges. The first sounds of the holiday. Bubbles of champagne. La Vie en Rose. The sweetness of anticipation. Excitement. A light sigh. Life is Beautiful.

ROSE CHAMAGNE collection



Rose Quartz Sautoir No. 10 Rose Champagne. Length 158 cm. Diameter 10 cm. Smooth natural translucent quartz. Pale Rose.

  • Materials

    High quality natural rose quartz. Glossy texture. Makes the skin glow. Translucent with natural inclusions. The faceted version creates beautiful highlights. Details 14 K Goldfilled Rose Gold. Hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free.

    Store in a dark place. Constant exposure to sunlight will reduce the brightness of the color. Avoid direct contact with perfume.

    Clean with soapy water and a soft cloth.

  • Type of Jewelry

    Sautoir is a long piece of thread below the waist that has become iconic thanks to Chanel. All sautuars of Me & MyAngel are transformers. The free ends are fixed with a lockable pendant supplied with the sautoir.


    Option 1: wear as a collar in several rows around the neck. Emphasizes the beauty of the neck, makes the posture royal.


    Option 2: Wear as a two-tiered / three-tiered choker. A classic, bold, Chanel-inspired look.